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College & Career


The College & Career is an energetic, enthusiastic, and exciting group of young single adults. This group enjoys Bible studies that tackle the difficult issues facing this generation. They are committed to reaching their generation for Christ. This group also participates in community service projects, mentoring the teens of our church, and they are involved in many of the ministries of Faith Baptist Church. Beyond the Bible study and ministry involvement this group plans and participates in a whole host of activities that are just serious fun.

When We Meet: Sundays 9:45-10:45am; Wednesdays 7:20pm-8:20pm.
Where We Meet: Office House Garage (Across Orlov Rd)

The C&C Group exists as an extention of the youth ministry under the oversight of Pastor Matt Thomas. It is led by a wonderful and Godly leadership team including Mike & Jen Duquette, Brad & Jackie Merrill, and Bryan Stoddart.

Mike is a faithful member of Faith Baptist Church and is involved in teaching, leadership, and mentoring young people. Mike is a business professional and is recognized as one of the best in the country in the logistics field. He is also involved as an influential coach/mentor for Palm Bay High and the Palm Bay Rockets football programs. Jen has a kind and gentle spirit, and is a wonderful example of a Godly wife and mother. She is always willing to open her home to young people. Mike and Jen and have five children.

Brad & Jackie Merrill are a young, energetic couple with a heart for the Lord. Brad holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Florida State University and works as an Assistant Principle in a local high school. He is a wonderful teacher and has a strong desire to impact youth for Christ. Jackie works as a Registered Nurse at a local hospital. She is compassionate and loves to invest in the lives of young ladies and teach them to honor God.

Bryan Stoddart is a Graduate of the Florida Institute of Technology and works as a Computer Engineer. He loves to teach the Word of God and is heavily involved in the youth ministry working in the C&C as well as in the Teen ministry. He and Brad also lead the Teen boys Bible study.

We are blessed as a church to have so many wonderful people willing to invest in the lives of our young people. 

Contact Mike and Jen at mike.duquette@unishippers.com or jenduquette7@gmail.com

Contact Brad & Jackie at merrill.bradley@gmail.com or merrill.jacquelyn@gmail.com

Contact Bryan Stoddart at bryan @smarterone.net