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Haiti 2012


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Sunday-Monday: We got everything we brought to the work site. Customs was a non-issue but TSA passage became complicated situation. The palm nailers got a little use today. The 12v hammer drill and saw really performed well and did not have any problem with the battery life. The 18v drill and impact driver did the heavier work and I really needed a 3rd battery pack to avoid being down. We really could have used 2 more hammer drills because of the difficulty with the poor concrete. Day one we are ahead of schedule. - Tom Burkett

Monday: About 350-400 were in the service. Tom spoke on "integrity" at 4pm. Pastor preached a powerful message that was very well received by the Haitians.  One Haitian came up to Rodney and said that message was "tasty." - John Conrad

Tuesday: Don Smith spoke on Temptation - John Conrad

Wednesday: Today we finished the roof and even had a little time to spend with the kids. Prior to tonight's service, Dave Corneliussen spoke on "Be Strong and of Good Courage." Once again, the church was full.  Pastor Schulz spoke on "What Heaven Will Be Like".  He painted a graphic picture of the glory and majesty of the throne of God, and had the congregation shout out to heaven as we will when we're all assembled there together.  It was a great conclusion to the messages of the week. I didn't take any still photos of the service, but have video which we'll share after returning. Because we finished the roof project early, Thursday is a "tourist" day.  We will travel up to prayer mountain, visit a couple of rural churches under Rodney's care, and the orphanage. Breakfast is at 7, and we set out for the mountains immediately after.

Thursday: After a French Toast breakfast, we headed to the mountains to see some of the country. The group took a hike, sampled the cool water of a stream, and a couple of brave souls helped some Haitians break some rock. We also stopped by three churches under Rodney's care.  All are pastored by nationals. We visited the church at Pon Gaudin, a suburb of Gonaives just before lunch.  This church was started about 5 years ago and the building is 4 years old.

After lunch several from the group went to the orphanage that Rodney and Cathy assist.  The special earthquake offering the church took in 2010 was used in part for the construction of new orphanage building.  A portion of the Christmas bags we prepare each year are also given to the children.

Thursday evening we went to the Bible institute and observed a class.  Afterwards 3 students who came from other denominational churches in Gonaives got saved.  Pastor Lou, through Cathy lead one of the men to Christ.  Pastor Aline (al-in-ay) and Rodney dealt with the other two.

We are packing, and will leave Gonaives at 4:20 am to meet our plane in Port au Prince. It has been a great trip.  Thanks for praying.  We'll all be glad to be home.