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Faith Baptist Messages

Money & Marriage (2 of 7): The Cheering Section (communications)

January 25, 2012 Speaker: Tom Wells Series: Money and Marriage God's Way

Topic: Money Passage: Ephesians 4:29–4:29

Communications in a marriage is the heart and soul of following God's plan for the two to become one flesh and to have the husband and wife be of one mind. In this message, the four laws of communication from Ephesians 4 are taught. The importance of understanding your spouse's diffferences (background, childhood, personality) and goal setting is also taught.

Notes (Four Rules of Communication)

Notes (Married Couples Setting Goals)


1 - Review

2 - Viva La Difference!

3 - More Differences

4 - The Four Laws Of Communicaiton

5 - Communications

6 - Closing Prayer